Why Choose Auxilium?

We practice “Good Fit” caregiver matching at Auxilium Healthcare Services. Our “good fit” health care matching technique allows us to match our patient and their family members with a warmhearted, experienced health care providers who works well with both patient and their family. Our usual Quality Assurance follow-ups, documentation contracts, on-going training and insure our therapists and nurses will provide compassionate and quality care.

Our Passion, Your Peace of Mind

Our service providers are licensed, certified and insured. Auxilium Healthcare Services comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Auxilium Healthcare Services does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

Welcome to Auxilium Healthcare Services

Auxilium Healthcare Services focuses on the quality of care that you or your loved one receives. Our extensive screening process ensures that our health care service providers have the needed qualities to successfully care for each patient. We know the importance of working closely with you, or your family members, to develop a customized health treatment plan that is suitable and effective.

About us

The Home Care Team at Auxilium Healthcare Services is committed to provide compassionate and high-quality health care whenever patients need assistance. We truly understand the essence of working closely with the family members of our patients, so we ensure to create customize care plans that are right for you.

At Auxilium Healthcare Services, we focus to give you peace of mind and ensure that your loved ones may feel at ease because you receive only the quality care that you deserve. We have Quality Assurance and accurate screening process to insure that our health Care providers have the right personality and skill and a perfect fit with our patients.

Our health service providers are licensed, certified and insured. Our medical staff is multi-specialty and multilingual. They are specially trained and have advanced medical training and certification to handle patients with different needs. Their training includes Psychiatric, Heart Failure, Wound Care and Infusion Services.

At Auxilium Healthcare Services, every patient’s health care plans are created and planned by a personal Case Manager. Case management is a multi-step technique within the health care coverage system of the Case Managers designed to assure up-to-date access to and coordination of health care services.

Auxilium Healthcare Services Case Managers concentrates in coming up with the best medium to achieve the patient’s wellness. Our primary goal is to bring back our patients to a self-reliant level of self-care through assistance, communication, health learning and recognizing the good service resources and assisting them to use these services. The Case Managers are available to establish the applicable health care providers and facilities during the continuity of care, while ensuring that proper referrals are created and available resources are being utilized in a practical and timely manner.

There is always good and open communication between the Case management services and with Auxilium Healthcare Services Case Manager, field nurse, speech therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist, MSW and HHA. Case management acknowledges all disciplines to coordinate their efforts to handle each patient through efficient teamwork and care designation, increasing the range of services offered and provided.