Dementia is a very common illness that usually occurs especially among the elderly. This condition mainly affects the memory, reasoning power and other important cognitive function of the seniors. Patients who are suffering from this illness often find it hard to carry out even the simple every day routine tasks like bathing, dressing, driving and doing household chores. However, studies have shown that getting regular exercise is one effective way for individuals to cope with this disease.

These exercises may include aerobics, brisk walking and even swimming. Such exercises helps in increasing blood flow to the brain as well as the formation of new brain cells. With aerobic exercises, they help in the improvement of overall health at the same time strengthening hormone and immune systems. Patients can begin with ten to twenty minutes of aerobic exercises, depending on their fitness levels. Some aerobic exercises can include cycling, jogging, swimming or any other physical activities that can help regenerate the lungs and heart.

Weight training exercises helps in the building of lean muscle mass. It also assists in metabolism which is very important especially for patients with diabetes since it helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Increased blood sugar is dangerous for human tissue and cells thus can complicate the existing condition of dementia.

Other more exercises that a patient with dementia can try doing are flexibility and balance routines. They aim to strengthen the spine and all of the muscles that supports the spine. Since body coordination is difficult for dementia patients, flexibility and balance routine can greatly help in improving it. Patients doing these exercises will be guided by professional and trained therapists, they will teach the right movements as well as the frequency.

Dementia is a disease that greatly affects the normal functioning of the brain. Aside from physical exercises, it is also important for patients to engage in mental exercises too. Support and love from family and friends are also necessary as exercise.

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