Developmental disabilities usually occur when there is mental and physical damage done to the body. Thus, it often leads to severe and chronic conditions that can greatly affect the learning, mobility, speech, language, independent living and other activities of an individual. Aside from the physical inabilities, patients who suffer from this condition can also bring damage to the spinal cord, the brain and the central nervous system.

While there are numerous therapies that have been developed to help people cope with this disability, there are also certain activities that have been formulated. They greatly help in the development of both the patient’s mental and physical potential and capacities. These activities can range from community participation to one-on-one learning.

Here are some of these sensory activities for developmentally disabled adults:

  • Looking through old photos is one way to reinforce family ties. Describe each person in the picture in great detail and talk about that person.
  • Find a magnifying glass and take a look at various objects. Looking through a kaleidoscope is also a great activity because it has different shapes and colors.
  • Provide a wide range of items like colored paper, buttons, mesh, strings, paper clips and other art materials you can think of. Then ask them to make a collage by handing them a chart paper, glue and whatever design they like.
  • Play upbeat songs and ask them to clap on the beats. Ask them join in with the tapping of their feet.
  • A scavenger hunt game is also a great activity. Make a list of different things for them to find and take them out into a certain area where they could find those items.
  • Having a pet is one way to reintroduce caring and gentleness.

These activities for the developmentally disabled adults are meant to be a part of their daily routine since they can really help in improving their growth and grasping powers.

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