For most senior citizens, Dementia is an illness that commonly occurs at their age and it is something that most of them fear the most. Well, who would want to experience memory loss anyway? I bet no one does. Now, this condition can be prevented by having a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and with the right brain exercises. People may think that memory simply happen as we age, but applying brain exercises are a proven memory loss method for seniors and help them improve their memory.

These brain exercises are usually fun and interesting, so that seniors will not have a tough time doing such exercises. Check out some of these brain exercises for Dementia:

  • Solving Puzzles- Solving puzzles is one of the most popular brain exercises for Dementia. It may be a word, number or jigsaw puzzle which aids in improving long term and visual memory. This way, seniors can easily keep up with younger people.
  • Solving Mathematical Problems- Solving mathematical problems using the brain is also an effective brain exercises to fight Dementia. This can be done with your grandchildren to make it more fun and exciting.
  • Memorizing a Poem- Memorizing a poem is also a fantastic way to prevent dementia. Choose a nice and short poem and memorize each line from the start until the end. Choose a poem that is very inspiring so that it would be easier for you to memorize it by heart.
  • Visualization exercises- Try some visualization exercises because this will eliminate stress, improve mood and boost your confidence. This activity works by closing your eyes and visualize a place where they feel calm, peaceful and quiet. It could be a beach or a quiet island. Concentrate on what you see, hear, smell and feel. Spend 5 minutes imagining the place and then slowly get back to reality.
  • Other brain exercises are card tricks, brain teasers and reading novels.

The best treatment for Dementia is simple and that is through prevention by applying brain exercises. These brain exercises can be done easily at home, just follow the most effective exercise that would best work for you. Good luck.



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