Developmentally Disabled Adults

Our nurses at Auxilium Healthcare Services are Medicare-certified and experienced to perform home visits, do assessments, and develop plan and implement interventions and treatment. Our nursing staffs specialize in caring for Developmentally Disabled children and adults. Our nurses are also trained to manage the medications of patients suffering from psychiatric disorders.

Our nursing staffs have met the education and experience requirements by Medicare for Home Health Psychiatric and Developmentally Disabled Adult Care.

Our services for the Developmentally Disabled include:

    • Medication Management and Monitoring
    • Behavioral Crisis Planning
    • Crisis Prevention and Stabilization
    • Management of coexisting medical problems
    • Teaching and Counseling
    • Socialization
    • Behavioral Management
    • Safety and Fall Prevention Strategies

Auxilium Healthcare Services Treatment Goals for Developmentally Disabled Care:

    • Stabilization of mood and behaviors
    • Medication management and compliance
    • Maintain safety to themselves and others
    • Educate caregiver on how to respond to symptom exacerbation
    • Patient acceptance of illness in order to motivate treatment compliance