The Auxilium Healthcare Services Team is also equipped with Certified Wound Care Nurses. We know how to handle all types of wounds, many conditions commonly resulting from deterioration of surrounding tissues, infection, gangrene, or even amputations.

Our Wound Care Nurses are skilled in improving the healing process and improving normal functioning. At Auxilium Healthcare Services, we understand the importance of educating patients and their caregivers about wound care prevention, treatment and care. Our nurses carefully teach patients about preventative and remedy measures.

We utilize Wound Vac Therapy. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), also referred to as Wound Vac Therapy. This type of therapy administers negative atmospheric pressure to the wounds to advance the healing process. NPWT utilizes a pump to apply gentle suction to the wound with the use of airtight foam dressing. This technology eliminates dead tissue cells, reduces inflammation and bacteria, and increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the wound.

Auxilium Healthcare Services’ nurses provide all the wound care supplies and offer patients our clinical management services. We are also associated to a wide network and make referrals to Wound MD or Wound Care Specialists when medical assistance is necessary.

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